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Carnicom Institute is embarking on a first of its kind study of the Morgellons condition. The project will start with a questionnaire process, and this is in progress at this time. Subsequent developments of data collection and or clinical studies may develop in the future depending on support and resources. Carnicom Institute is currently seeking individuals who are willing to participate in this study. Those participating in the study will be the source of the data that is needed for our research.

If you would like to participate in this groundbreaking project, please make contact with the Carnicom Institute at 

This study will be conducted in an anonymous and confidential manner for research purposes only. There will be no medical diagnosis or individual interpretation given. The study is for scientific purposes only and the knowledge obtained will be for the public benefit.

This study will not be possible without the public's participation and support. We believe that a greater understanding of the Morgellons condition is vital, and must be accomplished for the benefit of us all. Honest and legitimate scientific research is what we are offering to you. We hope that you will offer us your help.
Disclaimer: The Carnicom Institute is an educational and research organization. We serve the public welfare. We do not advocate any particular products, protocols, or therapies related to health or environmental safeguard. It is up to the audience to make an educated decision on how to use the information that is presented. Any presentation, opinion, or expression by any representative of the Carnicom Institute or outside affiliation in no way implies or denotes endorsement by the Institute. The Institute is not affiliated with any political or religious groups.

The Institute claims the exclusive right to publish all information, materials, and photographs that are submitted to this organization and these materials will not be returned.

 If you would like to participate in this groundbreaking project, please make contact with the Carnicom Institute at 


The Carnicom Institute can not continue its research and reporting without your help.
We are very grateful for any and all support, no matter the amount.

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