Mar 14 2002

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Additional notes by CE Carnicom, Mar 18 2002:

Citizens may wish to begin investigating the role of the MDL (Method Detection Limit) in trace metal analysis per EPA 200.7 and ICP-MS methods as provided by various commercial testing labs, such as:

where the following statements are made regarding detection capabilities beneath the MDL:

"Please note that the limits included in the table are "reporting limits" (for waters) and may be higher than the actual instrument detection limit. In many cases, it is possible to report elements to substantially lower levels."


"The Reporting Limit is essentially a practical method detection limit (MDL). The reporting limit is the concentration of a parameter that can be reliably reported in the presence of a moderate amount of sample-based interferences. In many cases, lowe [incomplete sentence listed - apparently to read lower levels may be able to be reported - CEC]"

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